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Adhesive Tape Roll Slitting

Our in-house custom adhesive tape roll slitting facilities are fast and accurate and quality is guaranteed throughout each stage of the slitting process, from actually slitting rolls through to the packaging of the product.

Adhesive Tape Slitting Methods

Our two main methods of slitting materials are lathe slitting and slit and rewind.  We carefully analyse materials and their characteristics before deciding on the most suitable slitting method.

The method of lathe slitting material is fast and accurate allowing flexible, bespoke size rolls. Slitting speeds of up to 60 rolls per minute can be achieved providing us with the flexibility to process all requirements.

Using the slit and rewind method gives us the ability to process very large quantities of material to a high degree of accuracy and at very high processing speeds.


Adhesive Tape Slitting Features

Lathe Slitting
Slit and Rewind
Maximum Log Width 1600mm 1600mm
Minimum Slit Width 2mm 25mm
Maximum Roll Diameter 350mm n/a
Maximum Unwind Diemeter n/a 1100mm
Maximum Rewind Diameter n/a 700mm


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