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Business news: Restructuring for growth

Business news: Restructuring for growth

Tecman is currently undergoing a rapid growth phase as we become increasingly established as an innovative end-to-end partner within rapidly growing manufacturing industries. As our customers face new and increasingly complex challenges, we continue to invest in our engineering and technical capabilities.…


Opposites attract for powerful partnerships

SMEs and multi-national corporations are different in so many ways, yet Wayne Matthews, Head of Sales, believes they can forge some of the most effective partnerships. This article describes how the differences are the reason SME & MNC partnerships can work so well together and suggests three requirements to help them flourish.…


Are clean manufacturing processes right for you?

Whilst many manufacturers know what they’re looking for in a supply partner, many are unsure when it comes to specifying clean, sterile or hygienic manufacturing processes. Wayne Matthews, Head of Sales at Tecman, outlines what should be considered before embarking on a clean manufacturing process.…


We need a more secure supply chain if we are to achieve net zero

The UK is already pivoting towards Electric Vehicles, however, Kevin Porter, Technical Director, argues that if the UK is serious about net zero, we need to start thinking hard about the UK automotive industry's place in the global supply chain for EV manufacturing.…


Looking to improve sustainability? The answer may be closer to home

‘Buy British’ is usually associated with the food sector but Kevin Porter, Technical Director, suggests that due to the pandemic and environmental factors, it is becoming popular in healthcare as well. British manufacturers often base their pitch on quality and customer service and may be overlooking sustainability as a competitive edge.…

Bonding Low Surface Energy (LSE) Materials

LSE Tape Technology

It's crucial that the correct selection is made when using adhesive tape for bonding low surface energy (LSE) plastics.…

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