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Die Cut Tape

Die Cut Tape is one of our most important processes and the area of our greatest advances, forming the basis of our advanced bonding and sealing solutions. With our extensive die cutting facility and experienced machine operators, we are able to convert nearly all of our adhesive tapes and materials into die cut components.

Die Cut Bonding and Sealing Solutions

We have extensive die-cutting facilities and vast experience in manufacturing bespoke adhesive tape products which form the basis of the unique adhesive tape based solutions for sealing, bonding, cushioning and insulating. We supply a wide range of manufacturing industries with advanced bonding and sealing solutions.  Our Application Engineers assess our client’s requirements and their design considerations before deciding on the most suitable method of manufacture. 

Our wide range of equipment allows us to create a component which is perfectly suited to all aspects of our client’s requirements. Once the manufacturing method has been established, we produce prototype parts, pre-production parts for approval and full manufacturing runs. 

There are a multitude of design considerations to take into account when deciding on the most suitable method for our client's needs.  We take every consideration into account, from budgets through to the end application method to ensure we provide a comprehensive solution for our clients based entirely on their needs.

  • Part Size
  • Tolerances
  • Volume
  • Material layers
  • Added liner features
  • Cutting to registration
  • Clean-room requirements
  • Budget
  • Presentation
  • Packaging
  • Application method


Surface Treatments

Inline Corona Treatment modifies the surface of low surface energy (LSE) substrates during the die cutting process which allows application of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to materials which have an inherent LSE.

  • Corona treatment surface modification for LSE substrates increases surface energy dyne level by x3
  • Allows application of PSA's to materials that have an inherent LSE that would otherwise not be available
  • Broadens the range of adhesives/substrate compatibility


Die Cutting Parameters

Rotary Die Cutting ParametersFlat Bed Die Cutting Parameters
Maximum Part Size 500mm wide x 1200mm length 2000mm wide x 1500mm length
Maximum Running Speed 150 m/min + 120 imp/min
Maximum Cutting Tolerance +/- 50µ +/- 50µ


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