1320850 - Automotive Series Protection Film

A self-adhesive film that has been developed for the protection of various surfaces, especially interior parts of automobiles like carpets, dashboards and door sills during storage, assembly and transportation. Consisting of a PE backing coated with a water based acrylic adhesive.

Automotive Series Protection Film

Product Code: 1320850

Key features

Cost saving due to reduction in rectification and final repair


No special equipment needed, ensuring simple, low cost application and removal processes


Good adhesion to the range of different surfaces like PP, ABS, textile


Easy disposal. Both film and adhesive system are environmentally friendly

Main Applications

Protection of various surfaces against dirt and damage

Technical Data for 1320850




Backing Type

Product Thickness

Adhesive Type


Adhesion to Steel

Elongation at Break

Tensile Strength

PE Film

85 μm



2.8 N/cm


15 N/cm


Product NameColourThickness (mm)UV ResistancePeel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample
1320850 - Automotive Series Protection Film Transparent 85 μm N/a Low DS Order sample


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