Automotive Acoustic & Thermal Insulation

ALFA® Technology advanced acoustic & thermal insulation for superior levels of automotive NVH reduction. Sophisticated multi-layer laminates, advanced scrim materials, impregnated layers, & ultra-lightweight heat reflective materials provide a high degree of flexibility when developing bespoke NVH management solutions.

Acoustic & Thermal Insulation

Code: NVH

Key features

ALFA® acoustic and thermal insulation materials available in variatious densities, thicknesses, and fibres, including:


Open or sealed edges


No scrim, one side and two-sided scrim. Scrim variations include colour and fibre blend


Adhesive backed, stripe coated adhesive and zone coated adhesive


Clip insertion


Available in various presentation formats to reduce application time


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Main Applications

Automotive acoustic and thermal insulation materials are used throughout the vehicle interior to reduce NVH including:


Automotive NVH pads for all interior applications; insulation dash, IP insulation, boot linings, and other B surface NVH


Insulating boot, wheel arch, body panels, load floor, interior bulkhead, and tunnel applications


Engine beauty covers, battery covers, parcel shelves, engine under tray


Anti-rattle and anti-squeak





ALFA® Technology Acoustic & Thermal Insulation Series



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A lightweight ultra-fine fibre, high performance, acoustic absorbing material


Flexurally laid, providing higher performance with less weight


Odour free, recyclable and has excellent humidity and rot resistance



A very fine fibre polyester non-woven, used for a range of applications


A high performing acoustic absorber


Odour free, recyclable and has excellent humidity and rot resistance


ALFA® HvL Series

Excellent sound attenuation properties


Used throughout the vehicle as a sound barrier due to the products heavy composition, providing sound deadening properties



A lightweight, high performance, acoustic absorbing material. Needle punched fibre offers excellent anti-rattle and anti-squeak properties


Available as a single or mixed fibre material which can incorporate technically advanced lightweight fibres


Can be combined with additional materials to create high performance laminates


Odour free, recyclable and has excellent humidity and rot resistance



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