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DAAT® Structural Adhesive Film

DAAT® technology incorporates the benefits of conventional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive, creating a superior dual-action structural bonding tape that outperforms many liquid epoxy adhesives in the same classification, providing a cured shear adhesion up to 39.8 MPa

DAAT® Structural Adhesive Film


Rapid development of adhesive tape technology is challenging the use of traditional joining methods. Our dedication to research and development has enabled us to push boundaries and break new ground.  A key part our recent development is the introduction of DAAT® technology, a dual action adhesive tape that outperforms many structural liquid adhesives. 

DAAT Structural Adhesive FilmDAAT® Technology – Redefining Structural Bonding

By combining the benefits of traditional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive, DAAT® technology is redefining manufacturing processes.

High green strength enables instant adhesion between differential materials and results in simplified and accelerated automotive manufacturing processes. The bonding area of the adhesive tape is precisely defined giving engineers the ability to specify exactly where they need adhesion.  In addition the tape maintains a constant uniform adhesive thickness.

Complete Structural Bonding and Assembly Solutions

DAAT® is available on an application specific basis, and modified to incorporate various characteristics to meet precise design requirements, such as bonding to oiled steel and a version with no tack on one side. This level of versatility within the technology helps provide engineers with greater design flexibility.

Furthermore, we are partnered with the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial automated systems; Expert Tooling and Automation. Together we work in close collaboration with our client’s, including leading automotive OEM’s, to gain deep insight into the application and ultimately what it needs to achieve.

Through our vertically integrated partnership, we deliver a customised 360 degree solution for structural bonding and manufacturing assembly requirements. Our client’s gain a clear competitive advantage, drawing from cross-industry innovation in adhesive formulation, conversion expertise and automated assembly processing.


Structural Bonding Film for Automotive Body in White

DAAT® technology is used within the automotive industry for the structural bonding of high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium and composites during the body in white (BIW) manufacturing process. Make an enquiry to our Technical Team for further information about DAAT®


DAAT® Technology - Key Feature and Benefits




Advanced Rheology

Retains load bearing properties during the thermal cure cycle.

Superior Cured Shear Adhesion

Up to 39.8 MPa on clean steel and up to 36.7 MPa on oily steel.

Simplified Application

No issues with open time or controlling adhesive slump. Product can be applied to substrate by hand on low – medium volume applications.

Low Cost Curing

Low cure temperature with rapid cure times.

High Green Strength

High green strength enables instant adhesion between differential materials, resulting in simplified and accelerated manufacturing processes.

Multi Substrate Bonding

DAAT® has the ability to instantly bond multiple substrates such as high strength steel, aluminium, magnesium, high temperature plastics and composites

Controlled Bond Line

Bond line of the adhesive tape is finely controlled, maintaining a constant uniform thickness and given a defined bonding area

Adaptable Technology

DAAT® technology can be modified to include various characteristics to meet specific design and manufacturing requirements.


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