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Tecman Awarded Grant from Innovate UK

Tecman Speciality Materials has been awarded £350k to fund further developments of its ground-breaking structural adhesive film technology; DAAT® Dual Action Adhesive Technology. This follows two previous grants awarded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, an accolade that very few organisations have been granted and which highlights Tecman’s core competence in advanced product innovation.

DAAT® Technology

DAAT® structural adhesive film is a break-through in the structural bonding of differential materials for the automotive industry, with a superior cured shear adhesion of up to 39.8 Mpa. This innovative technology incorporates the benefits of conventional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive, creating an instant adhesion between differential materials, such as metal to composites, with a simplified and accelerated manufacturing process.

Developed on an application specific basis and modified to include various characteristics to meet precise design requirements, such as bonding to oiled steel, DAAT® provides a level of versatility that helps enable engineers achieve greater design flexibility.

Third Innovation Grant Awarded to Tecman by Innovate UK

Prior to the recent award, Tecman has been awarded an Innovate UK grant, assisted by TBAT Innovation, to develop the initial concept in 2015. Following this, a further £100k was awarded in 2016 for the next product development phase of the ground-breaking technology, with the third grant awarded in August 2020.

About Tecman

Tecman Speciality Materials, part of the Tecman Group, is a leading converter and manufacturer of advanced materials, with over 25 years’ experience in providing smart solutions and value-added components to manufacturing companies across the globe.

Innovation is at the heart of Tecman’s approach, and the company’s knowledge, skills and expertise in material selection, and engineering constantly breaks new ground in their field of expertise. 

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