Investment in Automation

to increase face shield production to over 1 million per week

PPE for COVID-19: Tecman investing in automation to increase face shield manufacturing capacity to over 1 million per week

Following the fast-track development of a new disposable face shield to help with the deficit of PPE, Tecman Advanced Healthcare Products, are ramping up production to over 1 million face shields each week.

A large investment in automation has led to the West Midlands manufacturer significantly increasing its production capacity of this vital protective equipment.

Adapting manufacturing to support our NHS

With the slowdown in the UK economy having an impact on 60% of Tecman’s business, the Leamington-based team sought ways in which they could adapt to support the healthcare sector.

Responding to the alarming shortage of PPE for our healthcare workers, Tecman’s highly skilled team worked around the clock to come up with a solution. Just one week on, they had developed a protective, disposable face shield suitable for high-volume manufacture to stringent UK standards.

Entirely British Made with UK Manufactured Materials

Thanks to support from their UK-based healthcare supply partners, Tecman have sourced all materials from UK manufacturers, making the protective shield entirely British made.

Having responded fast to the nationwide shortage of PPE, Tecman quickly realised they needed to vastly increase their manufacturing capacity due to unprecedented demand for this protective equipment. Management increased production to run 24 hours a day – creating over 30 new jobs in the process – and planned a large investment in automation to increase production capacity to over 1 million face shields per week.

Kevin Porter, Tecman’s Managing Director, comments: “Britain has long been a great manufacturing nation, and we’re proud to continue the tradition. With our investments in automation and the support from our UK-based partners, we continue to prove that UK manufacturing can be competitive with imported product."

Kevin continues “This large investment in our business underpins two things: our commitment to helping with the short-term PPE shortage, and our vision of becoming a global centre of excellence in the development and manufacture of face and eye protection in the long-term.”

About Tecman

Tecman Advanced Material Engineers is a leading converter and manufacturer of advanced materials, with over 25 years’ experience of providing components and services to the healthcare and medical sector.

Innovation is at the heart of Tecman’s approach, and the company’s knowledge, skills and expertise in material selection and engineering has led to several ground-breaking developments, including ventilator gaskets and diagnostic device components.

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