• Tecman Speciality Materials
  • Tecman Speciality Materials

Adhesive Tape Technology for the Automotive Industry

Working alongside Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, we develop adhesive tape solutions for leading global OEM’s. Our unique approach in developing adhesive tape solutions is achieved by applying intelligent and creative thinking to every project. Our core objective, whether working to improve an existing application or at the very early stages of a new project, is to maximise efficiency whilst minimising overall costs.

Advanced Material Solutions for the Automotive Industry


Tecman’s adhesive tape technology for automotive assembly and manufacturing applications provides leading edge solutions and the highest quality materials for body-in-white applications, automotive masking and protection, electronics and external and internal bonding and mounting applications.

We work in close collaboration with our clients to provide adhesive tape solutions that add considerable value, including weight reduction, rapid assembly, and better performance. Our core objective for every project is to maximise efficiency of our clients assembly process while minimising overall costs.

By working with our clients' design team at the early stage of the project we gain deep insight into the manufacturing and assembly application and ultimately what it needs to achieve. Our solutions draw on over 20 years of industry, product and application knowledge and we achieve results for our clients that improve overall performance to push efficiency up and costs down.



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