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Shielding & Insulating

Shielding & Insulating is a highly critical area involving intensive product and application knowledge where creating the right solution is vital to the overall success of the product. Involvement at the initial concept stage enables us to provide our client's with support in designing the most effective solutions from the start.

Shielding and Insulating Solutions

We are often tasked with developing shielding or insulating solutions to withstand extreme conditions with many variable elements that we take into consideration at the beginning of the project. Often an application requires opposing material characteristics to work effectively, our strength is in understanding the practical aspects of our client’s requirements whilst also having a wide range of materials and processes to choose from.


Shielding and Insulating Applications

We have developed products to shield against temperatures up to 2000°C, insulate against extreme voltage or provide a simple noise barrier. We have materials and manufacturing processes available to produce the right solution for any application. Below are just some of the shielding and insulating solutions that we already provide for our clients.

  • Bonding heat sinks
  • Component positioning and protection
  • Digital screen manufacture
  • Electronic devices
  • EMI Shielding
  • Heat Spreaders
  • IC device manufacture
  • LCD screen manufacture
  • Medical devices
  • PCB manufacture
  • RFI Shielding
  • Sound insulation
  • Static protection
  • Transformer winding


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