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Resource centre for cloth tapes in a quick-view format. Access data sheets, product specifications and general information.

Cloth Tape

 Product Name
Adhesion to Steel
Data sheetOrder Sample 
  25-CL01 - Cloth Tape Black, Silver, White 0.165mm 6.5 N/cm   Order sample  
  25-CL02 - Cloth Tape Black, Silver, White + Various 0.23mm 6 N/cm   Order sample  
  25-CL03 - Cloth Tape Black, Silver, White 0.26mm 3.4 N/cm   Order sample  
  25-CL04 - Cloth Tape Black 0.31mm 3.3 N/cm   Order sample  
  25-CL05 - Cloth Tape Black, Grey 0.29mm 4.6 N/cm   Order sample  
  25-CL06 - Cloth Tape Black, Silver 0.31mm 2 N/cm   Order sample  
  25-CL07 - Cloth Tape Clear 0.14mm 3.4 N/cm   Order sample  

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