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Surface Treatment

Surface treatments modify the surface of low surface energy (LSE) substrates during the die cutting process which allows application of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to materials which have an inherent LSE.

Inline Corona Treatment for LSE Subtrates

Investment in the new in-line Corona surface treatment system is one of the many ways we are demonstrating our commitment to remaining at the forefront of adhesive tape converting.

This surface modification process, enables you to utilise a wider range of materials previously incompatible with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive technology. We now have the ability to laminate conventional PSA’s onto Low Surface Energy substrates, without any reduction in manufacturing speeds. In addition, this highly effective treatment eliminates the need for high cost chemical surface preparation and specialist adhesives.

Corona Treatment is an important step for our clients, whether you are in Automotive, Medical, Electronics or any other sector involved in product development. It allows your Design Engineers to utilize new, cleaner, environmentally friendly and cost effective materials. It supports freedom of design, enabling us to help our customers in building tomorrow’s technology.


Inline Corona Treatment Video



Corona Treatment Surface Modification

Our new inline Corona Treatment unit increases the surface energy dyne level of LSE materials such as foams, composites, acrylics, films and PP by up to 3 times. Using this surface modification during the die cutting process and prior to bonding, coating, laminating or sealing broadens the range of adhesives and substrates that are compatible with LSE materials previously unsuitable for the same application.

  • A surface modification applied during the die cutting process on LSE substrates which increases surface energy dyne level by X3
  • Allows application of PSA's to materials that have an inherent LSE
  • Broadens the range of adhesives/substrate compatibility


How Corona Treatment Works

  • The treatment creates a high voltage electrical discharge known as Corona Discharge
  • High energy Corona Discharge effectively severs molecular bonds on the surface of the material and attach to free radicals within the Corona Discharge
  • This surface modification results in enhanced surface energy and increased adhesion of various materials


Benefits of Corona Treatment for LSE Substrates

For our clients, Corona Treatment is particularly important during the manufacture of medical components, devices and equipment. It allows Material Scientists to utilise new, cleaner materials helping to replace substrates such as vinyl and latex. It gives freedom of design, enabling us to support our clients in the development of tomorrows technology.


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