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Adhesive Sheets

Adhesive sheeting is an important feature within our conversion processes. It allows us to offer a range of materials in formats that are otherwise unavailable from any standard product range. We have the flexibility to sheet products into almost any size.

Adhesive Sheeting Facilities

Along with the ability to laminate different material layers at one time, we also have the facility to convert these materials into sheets. We have years of experience with our reel to sheet facility offering the service to many leading self-adhesive manufacturers.

Care is taken to ensure compatibility when selecting materials that are to be sheeted. Certain materials such as siliconised release liners can be highly susceptible to moisture, humidity and temperature and must be kept and converted in a controlled area. Extra design features can be added to ensure ease of application or protection of materials.

Our custom sheeting facility allows us to laminate self-adhesive materials to customer supplied substrates and finish to sheets. This can be either reel to sheet or sheet to sheet. With our innovative feed and trim facility, sheets as large as 1500mm x 2000mm can be coated with adhesive and then edge trimmed to size.


Adhesive Sheet Features

Standard Adhesive Sheets
Custom Adhesive Sheets
Maximum Sheet Width 1000mm 1500mm
Maximum Sheet Length 2000mm 2000mm
Maximum Sheet Thickness    20mm
Minimum Sheet Width 6mm 6mm
Minimum Sheet Length 3mm 3mm


Extra Features:

  • Flush edge (for die-cutting)
  • Split back release liner
  • Oversize release liner
  • Overlap release liner


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