2201504 Static Protection Film

A white non-adhesive static bond, flexible protection film that conforms to complex shapes and geometries.

Automotive Series Protection Film

Product Code: 2201504

Key features

Non-adhesive static bond


Flexible film conforms to complex shapes and geometries


Long-term outdoor use


Clean removal with no surfaces marks


No temperature control required on removal

Main Applications

Highly conformable film for complex shapes and geometries.

Technical Data for 2201504


Backing Type

Product Thickness

Adhesive Type


Elongation at Break

UV resistance

Calendared PVC

150 μm



300% +

52 Weeks +


Product NameColourThickness
UV Resistance
Peel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample
2201504 - Static Protection Film
White  150 μm  52 Weeks +  Low   Sample


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