1320700 - Automotive Series Protection Film

A perfect solution for the protection of sensitive surfaces during transportation. The transparency makes damages easily recognisable. Due to the good UV resistance, the film can remain on the surface until the arrival at the end customer.

Automotive Series Protection Film

Product Code: 1320700

Key features

Jaguar Land Rover approved protection film


Good adhesion to painted and chromed finishes


Reliable bonding during vehicle transportation


Offer cost savings due to reduction in rectification and final repair


Excellent outdoor resistance for more than 8 months


Effective prevention against brake disk corrosion - particularly after storage at maritime environments


Reduction of damages caused by vehicle fixation during sea shipment


Easy to apply. Ensuring simple, low cost application and removal processes


No polishing after de-masking


Easy disposal. Both, the film and the adhesive system are environmentally friendly

Main Applications

Wheel Rim Protection during automotive transportation


Technical Data for 1320700



Backing Type

Product Thickness

Adhesive Type


Adhesion to Steel

Elongation at Break

Tensile Strength

UV resistance

PE Film

70 μm



1.2 N/cm


17 N/cm

26 weeks


Product NameColourThickness (mm)UV ResistancePeel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample
1320700 - Automotive Series Protection Film Transparent 70 μm 26 weeks Low DS Order sample


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