0250540 - Automotive Series Protection Film

Jaguar Land Rover approved white protection film carefully formulated for delicate surfaces. The polyolefin film is both tough and conformable providing superior protection and yet forming around dynamic shapes. The adhesive provides exceptional clean peel performance and excellent UV resistance

Automotive Series Protection Film

Product Code: 0250540

Key features

OEM Approval:  Jaguar Land Rover - STJLR-51-5223


Very tough film

Preserves the paint finish up to 6 months storage outdoors

UV resistant

Good adhesion to the range of paint finishes

Adhesive and film are environmentally friendly

Compatible with gloss paint systems*

Main Applications

Protection of painted metal surfaces


Painted plastic parts


Chromed plastics


Gloss finish components (interior trim) and other delicate surfaces


Interior and Exterior use


Technical Data for 0250540



Backing Type

Product Thickness

Adhesive Type


Adhesion to Steel

Elongation at Break

Tensile Strength

UV resistance

Polyolefinic Film

75 μm

Synthetic Rubber


1.5 N/cm


16 N/cm

24 weeks


*Film must be tested for compatibility before specification


Product NameColourThickness (mm)UV ResistancePeel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample
0250540 - Automotive Series Protection Film White 75 μm 24 Weeks Low Datasheet Order sample


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