0230960 - Automotive Series Protection Film

Protection film consists of an UV-stabilised backing coated with a high adhesion EVA adhesive.

Automotive Series Protection Film

Product Code: 0230960

Key features

Paint protection during outdoor storage up to 12 months


Secure adhesion during transport


Easy disposal - both the film and the adhesive system are environmentally friendly

Main Applications

Ensures high strength adhesion and can be used to keep protection films securely in place, especially in areas of difficult geometries to prevent dust and humidity penetration.


Die-cutting and as printed marking, security or steering labels.


Base material for heavy duty protection pads for bumpers and door edges.

Technical Data for 0230960




Backing Type

Product Thickness

Adhesive Type


Adhesion to Steel

Elongation at Break

Tensile Strength

UV resistance

Polyolefinic Film

96 μm



3 N/cm


21.5 N/cm

52 weeks


Product NameColourThickness (mm)UV ResistancePeel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample
0230960 - Automotive Series Protection Film White 96 μm 52 weeks Low DS Order sample


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