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Tecman Invests in New Inline Corona Treatment Unit

Tecman has invested in a new inline Corona Treatment unit, enabling material treatment during the die cutting process which allows Tecman to apply PSA’s to materials which have an inherent LSE.

Tecman Invests in New Inline Corona Treatment Unit

Inline Corona Treatment increases the surface energy dyne level of LSE materials such as foams, composites, acrylics, films and PP by up to 3 times. Using this surface modification prior to bonding, coating, laminating or sealing broadens the range of adhesives and substrates that are compatible with LSE materials previously unsuitable for the same application.


What is Corona Treatment?

Corona Treatment creates a high voltage electrical discharge known as corona discharge. This high energy Corona Discharge is drawn to the material being treated, breaking molecular bonds on the surface. The severed bonds are able to attach to free radicals within the Corona Discharge. This results in additional polar groups on the surface of the material which enhances surface energy and adhesion of various materials, particularly foams.


What are the Benefits of Corona Treatment?

For Tecman’s clients, Corona Treatment is important during the manufacture of medical components, devices and equipment. It enables material scientists to utilise new, cleaner materials helping to replace substrates such as vinyl and latex. Kevin Porter explains “It gives freedom to design and enables us to support our leading customers in the development of tomorrow’s technology.”

The new Corona Treatment unit is a valued addition to Tecman’s extensive in-house conversion facilities, based in the heart of the West Midlands manufacturing industry. Tecman is a leading adhesive tape converter, established for over 20 years and part of an international group providing global bonding solutions. Tecman’s Application Engineers have an in-depth understanding of customer requirements and product performance, providing solutions which form the backbone of many innovative products across a wide range of industries.

Watch our Corona treatment video to see how this process benefits our clients.

For further information about Corona Treatment, contact an Application Engineer on + (0) 1926 337466 or email us and will be in touch.


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