Rapid and Precise

Application of Automotive Protection Films

Rapid and Precise Application of Automotive Surface Protection Films

Protection films are required throughout all stages of automotive production, from initial preparation to final delivery, so successful application of these films is important.

Currently, the only way to apply protection films to automotive parts is by hand. This process is slow and the results are not precise. Tecman have developed a solution in-house to resolve this issue.

Protection Film Application Solutions from Tecman

Tecman can provide a unique solution for the application of protection films to automotive vehicles. Our semi-automated jig and fixture equipment is designed for cost-effective and simple application of die-cut protection films to automotive components.

No previous experience is required to operate the equipment due to its simplicity, this removes the need to employ specially trained individuals to complete the task. As the equipment is so easy to operate, protection films can be applied to vehicles much faster than by hand. In fact, the application process with this equipment can be as quick as one part per 10 to 15 seconds. Precision is also greatly improved, with a placement tolerance of +/- 1mm.  

The equipment works by loading a roll of die-cut protection film into the machine, it is then fed through the machine and positioned onto locator pins, where the jig is then fasted too. The component to be covered with protection film is then applied by the operator to the protection film via the jig. The component is then removed covered with the protection film.

The process then starts again with the protection film being manually indexed forward ready for the next component.

The jig makes this equipment an extremely versatile tool as it enables quick changeover for different mouldings, and one piece of equipment can be used to create any number of different mouldings. If larger mouldings are required, the equipment can be extended to facilitate this.

Tecman provide a complete range of automotive protection, with our surface protection films, paint masking, and our application solutions. If you require any information about our automotive protection solutions, please contact us.

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