Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

for Thermal Management in EV Batteries

Are you familiar with thermal interface materials (TIMs)?

Increasing battery performance is a key objective for many of our customers, but one that is often accompanied by thermal management challenges. This is because although thermal energy can be a positive feature – pre-heated cells can offer improved performance for example - excess heat can pose significant safety risks.

Tecman Black Thermal Interface Material (TIMs)

Thermal Management Solutions to Improve EV Battery Performance and Safety

Increasing numbers of OEMs are approaching Tecman to design and engineer innovative thermal management solutions that can improve both EV battery performance and safety. This is largely being driven by consumer demands for increased EV ranges and improved reliability, which means manufacturers need a partner who understands the unique thermal management challenges the sector faces.

Improved Thermal Energy Management

Our deep thermal management knowledge and materials expertise enables us to advise customers on which solutions they should use to effectively transfer energy between cells, components and thermal management units. We are fortunate in being able to draw on international partnerships, to source and deploy a leading range of innovative, high-quality materials that enable our customers to better manage thermal energy.

Tecman’s TIMs help maintain battery cells at an optimum temperature in prismatic and pouch cell Li-ion batteries, by channelling and transferring heat. They can come in solid or liquid formats and have thermodynamic properties that enable manufacturers to better regulate the transfer of heat by creating a multi-directional path for thermal transfer between components. This enables both heating and cooling, helping to improve vehicle performance, battery cell lifespan and vehicle safety.

Our liquid system TIMs, often used as ‘gap fillers’, are electrically insulating, have a low density and help to reduce battery weight. Our solid TIMs, which come in die cut conductive pads, are made of silicone. They have high dielectric properties, helping to withstand breakdown, suppress arcing and prevent electric conductivity, and offer extremely low out gassing at less than 70PPM.

Tecman's Engineering & Converting Capabilities

TIMs can come in different configurations and formats so require a partner with the capability to develop bespoke die cut solutions – a capability Tecman is well known for. Materials are selected based on several considerations, including thermal conductivity requirements, whether OEMs require heat to be contained through insulation or taken away via conduction, and based on dielectric strength requirements.

Tecman Liquid Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

The question isn’t ‘which solution is better?’ but ‘which solution is right for this specific project?’. Our extensive engineering and materials expertise, and deep understanding of e-mobility applications, means we are able to engineer an end-to-end thermal management solution that precisely meets specific requirements based on the properties of that material.

Improved Transfer of Thermal Energy

To find out more about our TIM solutions and how we can help you improve the transfer of thermal energy, get in touch and request further technical information.

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About Tecman

Tecman has over 25 years experience as a converter and end-to-end high volume manufacturing partner for automotive and wider manufacturing industries. With vast industry and engineering knowledge, expertise in advanced materials and technologies we develop solutions that have the potential to solve many of the thermal related challenges that battery design engineers face today. Helping unlock superior performance and innovation.

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