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Rail Exterior

Our extensive product range comprises the highest performance adhesive tape products for reliable, invisible and permanent bonding and fixing applications. With exteriors continuously exposed to extreme environments, our products are designed to withstand all environmental conditions including moisture, salt spray, temperature influences and UV radiation.

Panel Bonding

Vhpb Acrylic Foam Tapes are high performance bonding systems designed to replace traditional mechanical fastening systems. The elimination of screws, rivets and spot welding significantly reduces finishing time, offers enhanced visual appearance, reduces noise and vibration and reduces vehicle weight.

Range of patented Structural MMA’s for bonding metals, composites, glass and thermoplastics. As used by Alstom and Bombardier.


Seals and Gaskets

A range of sealing and gasket materials for sealing against duct, moisture and other elements. Each material can be combined with approved adhesive tape products to provide the most effective configuration.


Windscreen Bonding

Patented MMA is SAF® 400 WS, is specially designed to be used for windscreen bonding in the aftermarket section. Its structural bonding performance combined with exceptionally fast curing capability, makes SAF® 400 WS superior in terms of curing speed, ease of application, minimal risk of toxicity, and longer service lifetime after repair and maintenance.


Products for Rail Exterior

Component Name
Vhpb & VHB Tape High performance foamed acrylic tapes are the focus of our tape developments. The solid core provides extremely high cohesive strength whilst maintaining sufficient movement to tolerate different rates of expansion and contraction. The adhesive system provides the highest level of PSA bond. New products include adhesion to LSE substrates, application at 0˚C, thermally conductive as well as extensive Automotive and Aerospace approvals.
Double Sided Foam Tape Extensive Bond44 range of double sided foam tapes provides a product for every application. Utilising PE, PVC and PU foams in varying densities, these products are used across multiple industries from Automotive and Aerospace to Exhibitions and Sign-making.
Double Sided Film Tape Extensive Bond44 range of double sided film tapes gives an unparalleled breadth of products. Every type of PSA adhesive in various combinations can be found here on a variety of film carriers. Adhesives include synthetic and natural rubber, emulsion acrylic, pure acrylic, modified acrylic and silicone. Carriers include PVC, Polyester, Polyolefin and PP. This variety ensures we have a product for every bonding application suitable for tapes.
Specialist Foams Foams are used for multiple applications from cushioning, sealing, insulating, dampening and even conducting. Our range of products includes open cell, semi-open cell and closed cell structures manufactured from Polyurethane, PVC, Polyethylene, Neoprene, EPDM, PUPE, silicone and more. Products include Poron, Each product has its own technical merits and will be carefully selected by our Application Technicians.


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