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Automotive Paint Masking

Tecman’s range of masking tapes are precision-tailored to provide optimum performance and meet the most exacting requirements, from fine edge detail to withstanding extreme temperatures.

Automotive Paint Masking


Each stage of the automotive process requires different paint masking solutions. Tecman’s range of masking tapes have been selected to cover every step of the process. The products provide consistent performance, precise application, secure adhesion, residue-free removal and good conformability.  

The products offered ensure secure adhesion both on e-coated and painted surfaces, as well as conformability, temperature resistance, shear resistance and. This allows for reliable and fast processes during serial and repair painting.

Automotive Paint Masking - Masking Tape 

Automotive Paint Masking

Our automotive paint masking solutions have been developed to produce a flawless paint finish for each stage of the painting process and meet the most exacting requirements.

  • Large area paint masking for body painting
  • Overspray masking for component and panel masking
  • Fine detail paint masking for finishing and two-tone paintwork



Masking Tape for Automotive Hole CoveringSpecialist Automotive Masking

Our range of specialist automotive masking products are designed for high temperatures or heavy-duty coating and blasting applications:

  • Automotive hole covering for powder coating applications
  • Critical surface masking for powder coating applications
  • Sandblast and shotblast masking




Masking Tape for Automotive Applications

Product Name
Outdoor use RemovabilityData sheetOrder Sample
22-CR02 - Masking Tape Cream 0.125mm No 7 - 10 days DS Order sample
22-CR03 - Masking Tape Cream 0.18mm No 7 - 10 days   Order sample
22-FN01 - Fine Line Masking Yellow 0.085mm Yes up to 5 months   Order sample
22-FN02 - Fine Line Masking Pale Green 0.11mm No up to 5 months after application DS Order sample
22-LG03 - Masking Tape Green 0.105 Yes up to 5 months after application   Order sample
22-PT01 - Masking Tape Dark Green 0.080mm Yes     Order sample
22-PT02 - Masking Tape Blue, Green, Red 0.065mm Yes   DS Order sample


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