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Structural Bonding Film for Automotive Body in White

Adhesive tape technology for the structural bonding of high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium and composites during the body in white (BIW) automotive manufacturing process.

Structural Adhesive Tape Solutions for Body in White


Automotive Adhesive Tape for Body in WhiteThe increasing complexity of today’s multi-material vehicle platforms introduces new challenges for structural bonding. With OEM’s combining high-strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and composites, the industry relies heavily on structural liquid adhesives to facilitate the joining of differential materials.

DAAT® advances this joining technology one step further combining the benefits of traditional adhesive tape with the performance of structural epoxy adhesive.

High green strength enables instant adhesion between differential materials and results in simplified and accelerated automotive manufacturing processes. The bond line of the adhesive tape is finely controlled, maintaining a constant, uniform adhesive thickness and the addition of reinforcement fibres provides superior tensile impact resistance.

A critical advantage of structural adhesive tape is the controlled adhesive bond line which maintains a uniform adhesive thickness.  It also provides the additional benefit of a reinforced bond line for added impact resistance.


DAAT® Technology for Body in White Solutions

structural bonding and assembly solutionsDAAT® technology can be modified to meet specific requirements and to include various characteristics such as bonding to oiled steel and a version with no tack on one side, providing engineers with greater design flexibility to redefine automotive manufacturing processes.

We are partnered with the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial automated systems, including automotive robotic assembly. Working in close collaboration together, alongside OEM’s we are able to deliver complete structural bonding and assembly solutions that are customised to our client’s needs.




Body in White Applications:

  • Multi material bonding: HSS, aluminium, composites
  • Chassis
  • Hem Flange
  • Body brackets
  • Closures – Door, boot, bonnet, tailgate
  • BIW structures – Underbody, pillars, roof panel


Benefits of DAAT® technology for Body in White Solutions


Good initial adhesion

Uniform adhesive thickness

Controlled adhesive bond line

Multi material joining

Bonding hard to weld substrates such as high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium

Bonding similar and disimilar materials

Structurally bonding composites

Structural bonding to oiled steel

Strength and durability under all operating environments

Toughness and impact resistance (low temperatures)

Strength + creep resistance (high temperatures)

Contributes to lightweight design flexibility

Reduced weight through improved design possibilities

Joins dissimilar and hard-to-weld substrates such as high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium

Improves durability by reducing fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners

Seals against environmental conditions that cause corrosion

Seals against galvanic corrosion

Improved crash-resistant performance without any weight increase


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