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Automotive Interior

Our leading edge adhesive tapes and materials deliver numerous key benefits into today’s vehicle interior. With emphases being on weight reduction and enhanced cabin comfort, our products become an integral part of vehicle interior design.

Interior Application Areas

With a focus on aiding application, increasing productivity and reducing costs, the effectiveness of our products is rooted in our clever product design, understanding of automotive processes, engineering knowledge and long-term experience.


Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Prevention - A range of products designed to absorb noise and vibrations including anti-rattle pads for dashboards and HVAC, produced using a variety of EPDM, Poron, PUPE and semi-open cell foams as well as fleece, felt and UHMW films.

  • Dashboards
  • HVAC ducting
  • Bridging gaps
  • Airborne noise reduction
  • Friction reduction
  • Noise dampening


Interior Trim - A range of tapes for mounting interior trim and available in different formats, including precision die-cuts for various applications throughout the vehicle. Using brand new PSA technology developed with the aerospace industry, we also create multi-layer soft touch trim materials using textiles, leather and leatherette for the ultimate passenger experience.

  • Headliner assembly
  • Carpet
  • Door cards
  • Dashboard inserts
  • General surface trim


Cable Management - A range of heavy-duty adhesive tapes for automotive cable management. The tapes continue to perform throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and meet OEM quality standards.

  • Cable mounting
  • Wire harnessing


Thermal and Acoustic Insulation - A range of products specifically designed to offer enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation for improved passenger comfort. Each product is custom-cut to meet the requirements of individual vehicle models.


Seals and Gaskets - A range of self-adhesive seals and gaskets to seal against dust, moisture and other elements. Each product conforms to automotive specifications.

  • Light gaskets
  • Vent gaskets
  • Speaker gaskets
  • Bonding door and window seals


Bonding and Mounting - Precision die-cut adhesive tapes that provide lightweight, permanent and consistent bonding power for use during the automotive assembly process.

  • Heated seat assembly
  • Interior mirror assembly
  • Component attachment


Products for Automotive Interior

Component Name
Foams and Non Woven Materials
Foams and non woven materials selected for use within automotive interiors.  Foams range from conventional Polyester foams for NVH applications within dashboards and venting systems, through to Poron® foams for specialist vibration dampening applications within top end sports cars.  Tecman work with these materials to offer an unparalleled range of NVH products.  Our materials are sourced from Europe or USA providing us with only the highest grades to work with.  These materials come at a premium cost which we offset with our exceptionally fast processing speeds, enabling us to compete against the lower grade materials without compromising quality.
Transfer Adhesive
Transfer adhesives are a layer of PSA without a carrier, presented on a silicone coated release liner.  These products provides a perfectly even layer of adhesive replacing spray mounts and other liquid adhesives.  Transfer adhesives are clean to apply without requiring PPE, extraction and other health and safety implications that are typical of liquid adhesives.  Often used on carpet, fabrics, leather and E Leather, films and other flexible materials.The added advantage is that the adhesive will follow dynamic contours stretching in multiple directions to provide a consistent adhesive join.  Transfer adhesives within the Tecman range include rubbers, acrylics and silicones covering almost every application. 
Vhpb & VHB Tapes
High performance foamed acrylic tapes are the focus of our tape developments. The solid core provides extremely high cohesive strength whilst maintaining sufficient movement to tolerate different rates of expansion and contraction. The adhesive system provides the highest level of PSA bond. New products include adhesion to LSE substrates, application at 0˚C, thermally conductive as well as extensive Automotive and Aerospace approvals.
Double Sided Film Tape
Extensive range of double sided film tapes gives an unparalleled breadth of products. Every type of PSA adhesive in various combinations can be found here on a variety of film carriers. Adhesives include synthetic and natural rubber, emulsion acrylic, pure acrylic, modified acrylic and silicone. Carriers include PVC, Polyester, Polyolefin and PP. This variety ensures we have a product for every bonding application suitable for tapes.
3M Dual Lock
3M dual lock is available in multiple grades.  Some have the trademark VHB adhesive on the reverse while others have high grade indoor and outdoor adhesives.  Available in standard profile and low profile versions the connection strength of Dual lock is over 12 times stronger than conventional hook and loop products.  Used extensively in headlinings and other interior trim components that require removability.  Often replacing studs or plastic clips, Dual-lock pads cut to shape offer anti-rattle properties as well as exceptional fastening strength.


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