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Automotive Exterior

Our extensive product range comprises the highest performance adhesive tape products for reliable, invisible and permanent automotive bonding and fixing applications. With vehicle exteriors continuously exposed to extreme environments, our products are designed to withstand all environmental conditions including moisture, salt spray, temperature influences and UV radiation.

Exterior Application Areas


With a broad range of adhesive tapes and materials, we develop solutions that deliver the most effective performance. Our Application Engineers work tenaciously until they have a product that meets every requirement, maintaining our commitment to maximise efficiency and minimise cost.


Exterior Mirror Assembly - Our mirror assembly tapes provide lightweight, permanent and reliable bonding power that performs in all weather conditions. Supplied as precision die-cut adhesive tapes designed for reduced assembly time. Products include:

  • Heating element on base plate
  • Heating element on glass
  • Glass on base plate
  • Thermal dissipation of heating element
  • Outer casing protection


Wheel Components - A range of hardwearing, robust adhesive tape components developed for automotive wheel applications.

  • Wheel weights
  • Brake shims


Seals and Gaskets - A range of sealing and gasket materials carrying automotive approvals for sealing against dust, moisture and other elements. Each material can be combined with approved adhesive tape products to provide the most effective configurations.


Trim Mounting - A comprehensive range of double-sided tapes for permanently bonding and mounting components to vehicle exteriors. The range is available in various formats, including precision die-cut components, for improved assembly efficiency and unit costs.

  • Badge and emblem mounting
  • Arch flares
  • Rear spoiler
  • Parking sensor mounting
  • Aerial attachment


Defect Identification - Bright yellow arrows designed for quick and easy identification of vehicle defects.


Products for Automotive Exterior

Component Name
Vhpb & VHB Tape High performance foamed acrylic tapes are the focus of our tape developments. The solid core provides extremely high cohesive strength whilst maintaining sufficient movement to tolerate different rates of expansion and contraction. The adhesive system provides the highest level of PSA bond. New products include adhesion to LSE substrates, application at 0˚C, thermally conductive as well as extensive Automotive and Aerospace approvals.
Double Sided Foam Tape Extensive range of double sided foam tapes providing a product for every application. Utilising PE, PVC and PU foams in varying densities, these products are used across multiple industries from Automotive and Aerospace to Exhibitions and Sign-making.
Double Sided Film Tape This extensive range of double sided film tapes gives an unparalleled breadth of products. Every type of PSA adhesive in various combinations can be found here on a variety of film carriers. Adhesives include synthetic and natural rubber, emulsion acrylic, pure acrylic, modified acrylic and silicone. Carriers include PVC, Polyester, Polyolefin and PP. This variety ensures we have a product for every bonding application suitable for tapes.
Specialist Foams Foams are used for multiple applications from cushioning, sealing, insulating, dampening and even conducting. Our range of products includes open cell, semi-open cell and closed cell structures manufactured from Polyurethane, PVC, Polyethylene, Neoprene, EPDM, PUPE, Poron, silicone and more. Each product has its own technical merit and will be carefully selected by our Application Technicians.


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For more information about our products and services for the automotive industry, download or request a copy of our automotive brochure or to speak to an application engineer please call + (0) 1926 337466 or alternatively email us and we will be in touch.


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