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Increasingly sophisticated military and aerospace systems and devices require greater performance and reliability in the most demanding environments and conditions. Every product that we produce is designed and manufactured to perform in every situation, without fail.

Advanced Bonding and Sealing Solutions for Aerospace and Defence

Years of experience assist us in developing next generation adhesive based solutions through the innovative use of specialist materials and new processes. With focus on performance, reliability and endurance, Tecman consistently lead the way in improving current and future systems and devices.

Our comprehensive quality system provides the document and process control that forms the backbone of our consistency and reliability. No one understands better the critical nature of each part we produce. 

Confidentiality is part of our company policy and our relationships are built on integrity of which trust and confidentiality are vital elements.


Components for Aerospace & Defence Industry

Component Name
Cushioning Foams Tecman works with a wide range of foams for cushioning and insulating applications. These include an extensive variety of densities, cell structures, composites, compression rates, conductivities and absorption rates. Working with materials from global leaders in foam technology such as Alveo Sekisui and Roger Corporation, we can remain at the leading edge of technology.
Display Enhancement & Protection
Tecman’s range of Clear Protection Films includes screen protectors for use during manufacture and shipping and anti-static films which are suitable for applications in the automotive and telecoms market. All our screen protectors have excellent anti-scratch properties with a proprietary hard-coating ideal for the aftercare market. All our films are optically clear, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint. A specially formulated high grade silicone adhesive is used to give optimum clarity and is cleanly removable leaving no residue behind after prolonged usage. Our clear protection films work very effectively on both capacitive and resistive touch-screens and are quick and easy to apply.
EMI/EMC Tecman has a wide variety of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials creating a portfolio which provides designers and engineers a range of solutions to address the increasingly demanding construction of electronic devices. Tecman shielding foil tapes come in a wide variety of foil types and thicknesses. These can include multiple layers including insulating, light shielding and heat spreading capabilities. Products can also include cover films for improved handling, tear and puncture resistance.
The shielding fabrics are more conformable when compared to foil tapes and have higher resistance to tearing.
EMI conductive elastomer foams come in a broad range of thicknesses offering outstanding gap-filling, low compressive force and low compression set whilst providing excellent conductivity in the XYZ direction. These can be used to ground electronic devices and flat panel displays as well as provide a mechanical cushion to protect devices from shock and vibration.
Surface Protection Specialist surface protection products are an area of rapid expansion. With our technical insights into films and adhesives, Tecman are perfectly positioned to support clients with specialist protection applications. Requirements for temporary protection of sensitive paint finishes, chromed plastics, UV resistance, high temperature removal, low static etc. spread across multiple industries from Automotive and Transportation to highly sensitive Electronics applications. Working with PE, PO, Vinyl and many other film types we combine them with acrylic, rubber, silicone and EVA adhesives to produce the widest range of protection films for every application.
In addition permanent surface application materials are available manufactured from proprietary PU films with ultra-clear adhesives. These provide superior stone chip and abrasion resistance for many applications including wind turbine blade, specialist vehicles and bicycles.
Sound Insulation Acoustic insulation forms in increasingly critical consideration. Achieving improvements in acoustic insulation performance whilst looking for weight saving is a fine balance. This has led to the development of innovative materials which offer the highest levels of acoustic insulation whilst retaining significant weight savings over traditional materials used for acoustic insulation. Open cell and closed cell Urethane Polyether and Polyester foams, new technology semi-open cell EPDM and heavy layer dampening materials all make up our leading acoustic insulating materials.
Aerospace/Defence Products Many of our adhesives and foams meet the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation, Civilian Aviation Authority along with numerous DoD and MoD Military specifications. Please ask our Application Technicians for further detail.


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