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Masking & Surface Protection

Permanent and temporary masking and surface protection solutions for a diverse range of industries and processes. Our portfolio of products cover the widest range of applications including heavy duty shot blast masking tape through to low tack films for protecting sensitive surfaces.

Masking and Surface Protection Solutions

We design and develop solutions for masking and surface protection, with each product precision tailored to ensure we deliver the best and most effective solution every time. We work methodically through the same process for all masking applications, whether it's for high volume automotive paint processing or low volume bespoke electronic components.

The process of specifying protection products vary depending on whether they are permanent or temporary solutions. we provide products for everything from protecting automotive bodywork or the undercarriage of an aircraft, screen protection for electronic devises and protecting components during shot blast process.


Automotive Masking and Surface Protection

We have developed a specific range of products for masking and protection for the automotive industry covering every stage of the vehicle process, from preparation and painting to final delivery. With each product precision-tailored to provide the best protection and meet the most exacting requirements - from extreme temperatures to fine edge detail - product performance is always consistent and application is fast. Die-cut shapes with added features significantly reduce masking time and enable a more accurate finish.



We achieve unique solutions masking and protection by precision tailoring the products to meet our clients needs.  Below are some of the applications that we have developed solutions for, although this list is not extensive. 

Display Screen Surface Protection

Surface Protection FilmAFAR (anti fingerprint & anti reflection) high performance protection films

Automotive bodywork protection

Chemical etch masking

Body protection

Electroplate masking

Engraving materials

Face masks

Fine-line paint masking

General paint masking

Graphics protection

Headlamp protection

High temperature masking

Lens protection and finishing

Manufacture of PCB's, cameras, laptops, battery units

Powder coat masking

Protection against residual swarf

Protective feet and bases

Shot blast masking

Silicon wafer protection

Transportation pads



Masking Tape and Surface Protection Films

Component Name
Masking Tapes
A comprehensive range of masking tapes covering the widest range of application requirements from line line automotive paint masking through to extra heavy crepe products for masking areas during shot blasting and sand blasting.
Surface Protection Films A range of protection films varying from low, medium and high tack, for various applications and requirements including protection for gloss and matt surfaces, aluminium, automotive paintwork, and carpet protection.

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