Face and Eye Protection

british Made Face and Eye Protection Designed for Comfort

We have developed a new line of innovative face and eye protection products that are designed for improved levels of comfort, performance, and safety using the latest technology in sustainably sourced advanced materials.

Innovation is at the heart of our design approach. Our knowledge, skills and expertise in customer-centric product design have led to a new generation of face and eye protection that incorporates feedback from healthcare workers.

We developed the 4 Pillars of Comfort, a set of principles that we build into our product development process, ensuring each product we develop provides comfort to our customers across four key areas; feeling comfortable, product performance, sustainability and price.

Face Shields

A range of certified face shields designed alongside healthcare workers and underpinned by our 4 Pillars of Comfort - feel, performance, sustainability, and cost.

Masks with Visors

Type IIR face masks with integrated optically clear visors. Designed to prevent respiratory droplets or splashes of infectious agents contaminating surfaces and other persons. 

Face Masks

Medical face masks designed and manufactured in Britain with ongoing product development focused on comfort, performance, sustainability and value.

Cap Visors

Face shields designed to be worn with baseball caps, the curved universal visor slot fits perfectly over peaked visors on caps to protection the face and eyes from splashing and spraying.


Underpinned by our 4 Pillars of Comfort, our range of face and eye protection products are manufactured from materials that provide comfort to the wearer across four key product areas:



Every product is designed to feel comfortable to wear and provide optimal fit for the customer.

We consult healthcare workers on their comfort issues and concerns and include their feedback within our product design and continuous improvement processes.

Our material selection, product design and engineering processes ensure optimal performance and user experience.



The materials and components selected for our range of face and eye protection products are carefully researched and sourced from sustainable supply chains to provide first class performance.

Our British made advanced materials provide technically superior performance and a high level of user comfort.

All our face and eye protection products are certified by the toughest certifying body - SATRA Technology.



We continually invest in a comprehensive R&D programme to develop and source materials that are both sustainable and biodegradable where possible.

We are currently working in partnership with a range of Universities to develop next generation sustainable and biomaterials, with a selection currently being tested by certified bodies.



Our state-of-the-art automation systems and machinery manufacture high quality, British made face and eye protection products at the lowest possible cost.

Our product development process is designed for smart manufacture to ensure we are delivering a range of comfortable, high-performance, sustainable products at costs that compete with imported products from low cost regions.

Our Process

Face and Eye Protection Processes

Each product within our face and eye protection range has been expertly designed and developed to stringent British standards, using innovative manufacturing processes and distributed to NHS Trusts and healthcare workers through our network of medical distribution partners.


Design & Development

By listening to the market and talking with healthcare professionals, we find a clear need for safe, effective, comfortable, and sustainable sources of face and eye protection.

Our customer-centric approach to product development ensures we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

Healthcare Cert

Certification & Compliance

We develop face and eye protection for long term comfort and protection, ensuring each product within our range is the highest performance and safest for the user. 

All our face and eye protection products are CE marked, declaring that our products are compliant with relevant EU safety and health requirements.



Our highly efficient manufacturing processes and automation technology enable the production of high-quality face and eye protection at a price that competes with imported products from low cost regions.

We have patent pending in our processes with registered design rights, manufacturing entirely British made products with superior performance.



We work closely with our network of healthcare distribution partners who are instrumental in ensuring the flow of face and eye protection products to the frontline.

We are aligned with our distribution partners based on a set of values and principles in the supply of high performance, effective, and best value PPE to healthcare services across the globe.

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