22-LG03 - Large Area Paint Masking Tape

For masking large areas during the painting process, can be used in conjunction with fine line tapes, good removability.

Large Area Masking Tape

Product Code: 22-LG03

Key features

Tough conformable film


Can be used in conjunction with fine line tapes


Good tack and clean removal characteristics

Main Applications

Large area masking during the painting process.


Bodywork, trim and mud flap masking


Available in cut shapes for precise large area masking

Technical Data for 22-LG03

Max.Log Size: 1400mm

Standard Sizes

Box Qty

Backing Type

Product Thickness

Adhesive Type


Adhesion to Steel

Elongation at Break


UV resistance

Temperature resistance

PE film

105 µm



2.4 N/cm


up to 5 months after application

12 months


N/a N/a


Product Name
Outdoor use RemovabilityData sheetOrder Sample
22-LG03 - Masking Tape Green  0.105 Yes up to 5 months after application   Order sample

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