Supported PVC Foam

Supported PVC Foam is a conformable foam which forms water seal under compression. Used for vibration damping and cushioning, watertight seals and intricate difficult to handle gaskets.


Code: Supported PVC Foam

Key features

Available in range of hardness's


Available in black and white


Conformable foam


Forms water seal under compression

Includes removable paper stability carrier on nonadhesive face.

Main Applications

Vibration damping and cushioning


Suitable for anti-rattle, anti-vibration applications

Producing watertight seals and cushioning

Intricate difficult to handle gaskets

Technical Data for SUP PVC FOAM

 Max.Log Size:

Thickness Availability



Cell structure

Water absorption


Continuous temp

PVC/Cast paper


Open Cell

<1 at 30% compression


-30 to 70°C

0.8mm - 15mm


Product Name
ThicknessData sheetOrder Sample 
Supported PVC Foam Black PVC/Cast paper 0.8mm - 15mm   Order sample  

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