3M GPH-060GF VHB Tape

3M VHB GPH series, a general purpose, high temperature, grey conformable double coated acrylic foam tape with a high initial tack and a soft foam. Available in three different thicknesses with a 3M branded red siliconised polyethylene film.

3M VHB® Tape

Code: 3M GPH-060GF VHB

Key features

High temperature performance (short term 230°C)


Good balance of high temperature and peel and shear performance


High initial tack double coated acrylic foam tape


Soft foam enables stress dissipation and an easy application


Good sealing properties

Main Applications

For applications in metal fabrication, signage, white goods and specialty vehicles.

Technical Data for 3M GPH-060GF VHB

 Max.Log Size: 800mm

Standard Sizes

Box Qty



Adhesive Type

Total Thickness

Adhesive Tape Colour

Release Liner

Peel Adhesion - Stainless Steel

Peel Adhesion - Polyamide 6

Peel Adhesion - ABS

Peel Adhesion - PMMA

Dynamic Shear Strength


Continuous Temp. Range

Short Term Temp. Range

Min. Application Temp.

Acrylic Foam

710 kgm3




Printed PE Film

39 N/cm ASTM D3330

48 N/cm ASTM D3330

33 N/cm ASTM D3330

34 N/cm ASTM D3330

559 N/6.54 cm2 ASTM D1002


-30°C to 150°C



19mm x 33m

25mm x 33m

50mm x 33m

42 Rolls/Box

32 Rolls/Box

16 Rolls/Box


Product Name
Outdoor use Peel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample
3M GPH-060GF VHB  Grey  0.60mm Yes See technical information
DataSheet Order sample


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