15-Vhpb AB120 - 1.2mm Black Automotive Grade

15-Vhpb AB120 is a 1.20mm black foamed acrylic tape from our automotive range. Used extensively by automotive OEMs, the product has been designed for exterior attachment part mounting and is able to sustain extreme low temperatures.

Automotive Series Vhpb Tape

Code: 15-Vhpb AB120

Key features

Visco-elastic acrylic foam core to compensate for different thermal elongation of bonded parts


Excellent cold shock performance


Deep black color for enhanced appearance and high design flexibility


Closed cell acrylic foam core for reliable sealing to prevent water penetration


High humidity and UV resistance

Main Applications

Permanent exterior mounting of emblems, window laces, antennas, pillar appliques, and decorative trims.

Technical Data for 15-Vhpb AB120 Automotive Series

Max.Log Size: 1260mm

Standard Sizes

Box Qty


Adhesive Type

Total Thickness

Adhesive Tape Colour

Release Liner

Adhesion to ABS (after 3 days)

Adhesion to Steel (after 3 days)

Elongation at Break

Aging Resistance (UV)

Humidity Resistance

Temperature Resistance

Minimum Application Temp.

Adhesion to LSE Substrates

Vhbp Visco-Elastic

Vhpb Acrylic



Siliconised HDPE Film

24 N/m

32 N/m


Very Good

Very Good

-40°C to 90°C



12mm x 25m

19mm x 25m

25mm x 25m






Product Name
Exterior Use
Data sheetOrder Sample
15-Vhpb AB120 Vhbp Tape Black 1.20mm Yes DS Order sample 

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