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Sign Fixing and Application Adhesive Tapes

As a key supplier to the sign industry for over 20 years, Tecman developed the Bond44 range of adhesive tapes to provide their customers with high performance products at a cost which challenges other similar adhesives on the market.

Having worked alongside the sign industry for over 20 years, Tecman has fine-tuned its range of adhesive tapes to offer innovative products that combine best performance with the most cost effective solution. This includes products from well known brands such as Tesa, Scapa and 3M as well as developing their own brand, Bond44.

It’s vital to understand the technology behind each adhesive tape, along with knowledge of the materials and methods used in today’s sign industry.  Kevin Porter, UK Manager explains “Tecman are not just about distributing tape, we provide a complete bonding solution for businesses.  We get a clear, practical understanding of a project and then our trained technicians select the most effective bonding solution.  It requires an in depth knowledge of today’s materials and manufacturing methodology along with an understanding of our products and the way they perform.”

With manufacturing techniques constantly developing, pressure sensitive adhesive joining systems are quickly replacing traditional fastening methods with many design and assembly advantages. 

Kevin continues “Adhesive fastening systems have transformed many areas of product design. Our range of Bond44 high performance bonding tapes replaces many traditional fixing methods, producing an aesthetically superior product without jeopardising quality and strength whist maximising efficiency."

“We’ve recently launched a new All Weather Adhesive Foam Tape into the Bond44 range which bonds in temperatures as low as -12°C ensuring cold winter mornings won’t be a problem for our customers.”

Bond44 high performance bonding tapes provide a cost effective and quick result by eliminating the need of labour intensive operations such as drilling holes.  This means there are fewer structural weak points with the adhesive layer spreading stress evenly, providing a strong and durable bond that is invisible to the eye.

With extensive in-house conversion facilities, Tecman have the capability to convert nearly all their products to a range of application formats making their bonding solutions as cost effective as possible.

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