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Automotive Surface Protection

Tecman provide a concise range of surface protection films that focus on the complex requirements of the automotive industry. Combining extensive product, engineering, and industry knowledge, we go beyond simply providing a product, we create solutions that optimise application processes, whilst reducing cost and wastage.

Automotive Surface Protection Film Solutions


With vehicle aesthetics being an integral part of creating a positive customer experience, using the most effective protection film during each stage of the process, from production through to final delivery, is essential for presenting a flawless finish.  Our range of surface protection films are designed to protect delicate and sensitive surfaces during production and transportation, and provide clean, residue-free removal. They conform to irregular surfaces and adhere to a range of materials including paintwork, plastics and textiles.

Our advanced manufacturing and conversion facility enables us to deliver a vast range of die-cut components using customised liner configurations and presentation styles.  By looking beyond the initial drawings, we carefully analyse and consider all aspects of the application, focusing on how we can most effectively configure the format to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


The Essential Guide to Automotive Surface Protection Films


Tecman’s interactive guide to automotive surface protection films presents essential information for OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers looking for the most effective solutions for automotive surface protection applications.  View or download the guide below or request a brochure and we will mail your copy to you.

Plastic moulding with automotive protection film


Protection Film Application Solutions

Where accurate application of protection film to plastic mouldings is required, we have developed various jig application solutions.  Designed for simple, cost effective application of die-cut protection film to components, the equipment requires no previous experience to operate and speeds up the process to one part per 10-15 seconds.

For more information can be found on the automotive protection film application solutions page.


Surface Protection for Vehicle InteriorsInterior Application Areas:

  • Upholstery
  • Decorative interior trims
  • Door Panels
  • Door Sills
  • Floor coverings
  • Screen protectors


Protection Film for Automotive Badges and Plastic ComponentsExterior Application Areas:

  • Freshly painted metal
  • Wheel protection
  • Light lenses
  • Plastic components, spoilers, b-pillars and c-pilars
  • Exterior trim
  • Badging


Protection Film for Automotive Applications

Key Features
AdhesiveData SheetOrder Sample
0250540 An economical film for painted and unpainted plastic components for long-term outdoor exposure Polyolefinic Film 75 μm Synthetic Rubber DataSheet Sample
0250559 Transparent wheel rim protection film for long-term outdoor exposure PE Film 70 μm Acrylic DataSheet Sample
0250570 Premium grade for freshly painted surfaces for long-term outdoor exposure. Polyolefinic Film 79 μm EVA DataSheet Sample
0250575 Economy grade for freshly painted surfaces for long-term outdoor exposure. Polyolefinic Film 59 μm EVA DataSheet Sample
0250577 High adhesion edge securing tape for freshly painted surfaces Polyolefinic Film 96 μm EVA DataSheet Sample
0259974 Interior protection tape for slightly structured surfaces PE Film 110 μm Acrylic DataSheet Sample
0259978 Interior protection tape for structured and LSE surfaces PE Film 85 μm Acrylic DataSheet Sample
0260904 A non-adhesive static bond, flexible protection film that conforms to complex shapes and geometries Calendared PVC 150 μm Static   Sample
23-PR01 Low tack general purpose protection film ideal for gloss surfaces Polyethylene 50 μm Acrylic DataSheet Sample
23-PR03 High tack but clean peel adhesive system ideal for interior carpet protection Polyethylene (LDPE) 75 μm Acrylic   Sample



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