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Automotive Electronics

Working with advanced material manufacturers, we have developed some of the most effective solutions for electrical and thermal conducting and insulating. Our leading-edge materials, innovation, engineering experience and conversion capabilities allow us to readily meet the ever-changing advancements and challenges within the electronics sector.

Connectors for Automotive Electronics


Automotive ElectronicsOur range of connectors is available in various formats for automotive electrical application, including flexible circuits for fine pitch and high density applications. Materials include metallic foils, polyimide films and electrically conductive adhesive.

Buzz bars

Earth connectors

Flexible circuits

Solderless connections for flex to PCB



Thermal Management in Electronic Components


Automotive ElectronicsThermally conductive Very High Performance Bond (Vhpb) foam tapes that provide superior transfer of heat from component to heat sink. The tapes have a conformable foamed carrier for improved surface contact and replace the use of thermal grease and mechanical fixtures.

High-density electronic component clusters

High energy units

Cooling fans to heat dissipation materials

Components to heat sinks

Compact battery management


EMI/EMC/RFI Shielding


Automotive ElectronicsA range of components for shielding that combines conductive adhesives with super conductive substrates, such as metallic foils and electrically conductive foams, silicones and woven fabrics.







Cable Management


Automotive ElectronicsA range of heavy-duty adhesive tapes for automotive cable management. The tapes continue to perform throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and meet OEM quality standards.

Cable mounting

Wire harnessing





In-car Infotainment Systems


Automotive ElectronicsNew technology requires components and materials that are as advanced as the devices themselves. We continually research and develop imaginative solutions for this fast-developing market.

Bonding tabs and pads

Cushioning parts

Display enhancement and protection

Earth-grounding components

Thermal management materials


Transfer Adhesive

Product NameColourThickness (mm)Outdoor use Peel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample 
11-TR11 Adhesive Transfer Tape Hazy 0.051mm Yes Medium DS Order sample  


Vhpb Tape

Product Name
Outdoor use Peel AdhesionData sheetOrder Sample 
15-Vhpb12 Vhbp Tape     Yes Very High DS Order sample  


Masking Tape

Product Name
Outdoor use RemovabilityData sheetOrder Sample 
22-PI01 - Masking Tape Amber   Yes     Order sample  
22-EL01 - Masking Tape Black, Yellow or Clear  0.090mm No     Order sample  


Copper Foil Tape

Product Name
Adhesive Type Data sheetOrder Sample 
26-CP01 - Copper Foil Tape Copper  0.14mm Non-conductive Acrylic   Order sample  
26-CP02 - Copper Foil Tape Copper  0.1mm Conductive Acrylic   Order sample  
26-CP03 - Copper Foil Tape Copper  0.1mm Conductive Acrylic   Order sample  
26-CP04 - Copper Foil Tape Silver   0.1mm Non-conductive Acrylic   Order sample  
26-CP05 - Copper Foil Tape Silver  0.1mm Conductive Acrylic   Order sample  


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